Details for PETITION

NOTICE TO RESPONDENTS KAITLIN ERVIN AND GERADO CIPRIAN: Petitioners, Mark Ervin and Jacquelynn Joya, have filed a a Petition for custody and/or Guardianship in the Juvenile Court for Rutherford County, Tennessee, located at 1710 South Church Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon the Court and Guardian ad Litem, Monika B. Ridley, whose address is 201 East Main Street, Suite 305, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130, an answer to the Petition of Custody and/ or Guardianship filed with the above reference court. The Petition seeks to award custody of your daughter, Ivanna Ciprian, to the Petitioners. A copy of the petition can be obtained from the above referenced court. Said Respondents cannot be personally served with process.